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Will Termite Treatment Kill Other Bugs?

Termites are notoriously hard to treat, and if left to their own devices they can create irreversible damage to a home or business. Pest professionals know this, and they fight back with some of the most advanced and effective treatments in the industry. The products used to kill termites are oftentimes so strong that they can kill other pests as well. 

While you shouldn’t rely on your termiticide or bait to address an unrelated pest problem, it certainly can be an added benefit to keeping your property pest-free!

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Do Termiticides Kill Other Pests?

A majority of termite treatments are made specifically to kill wood-destroying insects. They are strong, though, so much so that they can potentially affect other pests in the surrounding area. While bait stations are directed to really only take out termite colonies, liquid termiticides can kill a variety of other pests that come into contact with it, including:

Are My Pets Safe Around Termite Treatments?

Even though you can buy termiticides and bait stations online, they can be dangerous if used without the proper training. It’s better to leave handling those kinds of products to a termite professional. They can make sure the treatment they do is safe for you and your family – and, yes, your pets as well. The team at Bug Out will tell you exactly how long you need to keep your pets away from the treatment site, and once that time has passed, they can roam about with no fear of danger.

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