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You may water and mow your lawn regularly, but the key to achieving that green grass year-round is regular lawn fertilizer services. Lawn fertilization has the biggest impact on the color and health of your lawn year-round, but it can be difficult to know how to fertilize your lawn yourself. This is due to the fact that each lawn requires different fertilization services due to all the unique grass types, soil quality, local growing conditions, and more.

Bug Out is proud to be Lubbock’s best lawn fertilizer company throughout the Lubbock Texas area. With our regular services, you can rest easy knowing your lawn is getting the proper care it needs—and that you’re achieving the lush lawn you deserve year-round!

When to Fertilize Lawns in Texas

Lawn fertilization can be tricky considering the many types of grass, fertilizer formulas, and seasonal attributes, which is why it’s important to enlist the help of a trusted professional. Here in Texas, proper fertilization is a year-round commitment. In general, two treatments are needed a year—the first being in the spring. The best time to apply fertilizer to your lawn is in the early spring, right before it starts to naturally revitalize. A proper supply of nutrients mixed with spring conditions will allow for lush, green lawn growth.  The second lawn fertilization service should be in the fall, no later than 6 weeks before the first expected frost. Always be careful not to overdo it. You can consult local lawn fertilizer companies for help deciding when the best time to fertilize you lawn is.

The Benefits of Using Professional Lawn Fertilizer Companies

Proper fertilization doesn’t just keep your lawn looking lush. Some of the many benefits of regular lawn fertilization service include the following.

  1. Helps your lawn fight weeds. Many fertilizers have a weed prevention treatment built right in. Fertilizer promotes thick, healthy grass—which can eliminate the conditions weeds thrive in to begin with.
  2. Helps your lawn resist disease. When your grass receives the proper nutrients to grow, it’ll be less prone to disease in the long run. Lawn pests and other issues often stem from a struggling lawn.
  3. Protects your soil year-round. Your grass always pulls its nutrients from the soil in order to get healthy and strong. Having thick grass is the product of fertilization, helping keep your soil protected.
  4. Improves color and appearance. Nothing’s worse than a spotty lawn. With proper fertilization, your entire lawn will benefit and appear thick, green, and lush throughout the year.

Your Local Lawn Care Fertilization Experts

Whether your lawn is relatively healthy or covered in brown spots, fertilization can help encourage growth and make revitalize it with color and life. By hiring our experts at Bug Out, you can rest assured that we will provide exceptional lawn fertilizer services to keep your yard growing properly and looking lush, no matter the season. If you need a lawn care specialist to answer specific fertilizing questions for you, contact us today! We’ll help you attain the lawn of your dreams.

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