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When is Termite Season in Lubbock TX?

While some pests may be seasonal, termites are active essentially all year long. You’re most likely to find swarms in the springtime, when they fly in packs to search for a new nest, but varieties like the subterranean termite are known for overwintering through the cold months. Because of this we consider termites a threat to homes and businesses throughout the year. No matter if it’s July or January, in Lubbock TX your property can easily be infested. 

Pile of termite wings on ground

Do Termites Prefer Warm Weather?

The ideal temperature range for termites is somewhere between 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit. And for the Eastern subterranean termite in particular, they’re mostly drawn to soil that is warm as well as wet. So a warm afternoon after a rainy day is the best climate for them to travel, breed and feed. They’re most active in the warmer part of the year, but that’s far from the only time you have to worry about them.

How do Termites Survive the Winter?

Termites are overwintering pests, which means they continue living throughout the winter. While they don’t die off like other insects, termites change their habits to survive through the cold by:

  1. Finding wood or soil they can burrow into before the winter
  2. Keeping the queen producing and laying eggs on mild days
  3. Reproducing and tunneling through mud tubes or wood

Are Termites Seasonal?

While you might not see actual termites between December and February, if you ignore signs of termite damage you may step out of winter only to be greeted by a full-blown infestation. You can avoid this by teaming up with a qualified termite exterminator that can monitor your home on a regular basis. And if you bring in Bug Out, we can make sure you stay pest-free* no matter the season.

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