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Achieving a perfect lawn here in the Lubbock Texas area is no easy feat. With our hot, dry summers and cold, dry winters, homeowners face a truly daunting task trying to keep their lawns healthy and happy year-round. One of the biggest lawn care problems people face in our region is, of course, controlling weeds. Nuisance weeds are one of the biggest contributors to an unhealthy lawn, making it important to know not only how to treat for them, but how to prevent them as well. That’s where the experts at Bug Out come in.

When you enlist our help, our lawn care experts will not only rid your yard of different types of weeds, we will also help promote healthy lawn growth. Keep reading to learn about our industry-leading weed control service for your Texas lawn.

Why is Weed Control Important?

Any type of wild or invasive plants growing in an undesired location are considered weeds. Unfortunately, weeds are opportunistic and have the ability to grow wherever there’s room to spread and under a number of different conditions. When they are actively growing, weed plants produce loads of seeds that they disperse throughout the soil. The most common conditions that can leave your turf vulnerable to weed disease are as follows.

  1. Diseased areas: Brown or bare spots created by disease or fungus in a lawn can allow for weeds to thrive.
  2. Heavy traffic: If your lawn experiences heavy foot traffic or pet traffic, the grass can thin out and let weeds take over.
  3. Drought: Weather conditions such as drought can cause damage to a lawn, which can help weeds grow.
  4. Insect infestations: If insects feed on your lawn and deteriorate the grass, weeds will likely appear.
  5. Over-watering: While proper watering prevents weed growth, over-watering can promote weed growth in specific lawns.

8 Types of Weeds in Texas

Weeds are unfortunately very common in our region. There are two main types of weeds we deal with most often: grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds. Because both of these can be a real nuisance to deal with, it’s important to know the common weeds you might come across in order to better prevent them. The 8 most common weed types here in Lubbock are:

  1. Dandelions: Likely the most well-known weed, these plants are identified by their bright yellow blossoms.
  2. Thistle: With their spiky leaves and stems, thistle plants are an annual weed that can be a real nuisance.
  3. Clover: With their 3 dark leaflets, clovers are easily identifiable. They can quickly damage grass when they take cover.
  4. Wild violets: As pretty as they can be, wild violets spread easily and are difficult to get rid of.
  5. Crabgrass: Hot, dry summers in our region makes why for crabgrass, a weed that is best stopped before seed development.
  6. Foxtail: Wide lead blades with 3–10″ flower spikes comprise foxtail, which can act as both an annual and a perennial.
  7. Chickweeds: As an annual plant, it’s important to completely remove chickweed once a year to prevent them from spreading.
  8. Ground ivy: Also known as “Creeping Charlie”, this weed spreads quickly from its seeds, roots, and stems.

Best Lawn Weed Control Services

Simply put, weeds are a pain to deal with on your own. They can continue to thrive even when you think you’ve gotten rid of them completely. If you’re looking for someone to kill the weeds in your lawn for good, t’s crucial to have a professional handle the work for you. If you find yourself under attack by weeds or want to prevent them, contact the lawn experts at Bug Out. Our lawn weed control experts will take the necessary steps to keep your lawn healthy without using dangerous chemicals. With our experienced staff and promising guarantees, you can be sure that you’re receiving the best weed management service in our region. Contact us today to get started!

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