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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Lubbock TX

If you have bed bugs, being quick and effective is of the utmost importance. The best way to eliminate an infestation is to hire an exterminator. Professional bed bug exterminators will use a tested method of treatment that will rid your whole property of bed bugs. These treatments are usually:

  1. Bed bug heat treatment
  2. Bed bug steam treatment
  3. Bed bug insecticides
  4. Bed bug fumigation
Gloved hands steam cleaning mattress

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Heat treatment, also called thermal remediation, is the most effective method of bed bug extermination. Heat treatments are low-risk, non-toxic, and chemical-free. They also allow you to salvage all of your belongings and don’t cause much of a disruption to your routine.

These are a few benefits of heat treatment:

  • You can continue to use all of your furniture and mattresses afterward with no bed bug worries. 
  • Temperatures above 120ºF are proven to kill all bed bugs, no matter the stage of life. 
  • The treatment will only last about three hours and will not require follow-up.

Insecticides And Bed Bugs

Many people choose to go with conventional insecticides for bed bug removal help. Insecticides are helpful for spot treatments, which could be your baseboards, floor and wall junctions, outlets and light switches, and more. The intent is to treat every possible place that the bed bugs could be hiding in order to make sure that they have all been dealt with. This option is more invasive and may necessitate continual service.

Are All Bed Bug Treatments Safe?

Steam is said to be an effective method of bed bug control, similar to heat treatment. Steam remediation works by driving steam into deep recesses at lethal temperatures. This is a chemical-free treatment and can reach more areas than spot treatments with insecticides.

Conversely, fumigation is a process riddled with chemicals. In order to fumigate properly, you have to tarp off your whole property to release fumigant throughout the structure. While this technique works very well, it is extremely disruptive, causing you to leave your home for several days. Because of this, it is usually a last-resort treatment option.

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